Features of our mud

The thermal mud of the Euganean Basin consists of a salutary combination of the clay from a small lake near Arquà Petrarca and the action of the thermal water. The clay is left to “rest” in special tanks in the Resort itself and left to “mature”.
The maturation process lasts at least 60 days and allows the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms. The process thoroughly modifies the mud changing many of its bio-chemical and physical characteristics. The high temperature in the tanks allows the complete development of the beneficial components of the thermal mud.

Hot mud, at a temperature of 38-40°C (97-104°F), is gradually applied to all parts of the body. At the end of the mud treatment a hot shower washes away the mud and you can plunge into an ozone bath for ten minutes or so. After this, a half-hour break is recommended to allow the perspiration reaction. After the mud treatment, which relaxes muscular mass as an effect of the heat, a decontracting massage is recommended, as this helps to loosen tensions, giving a global relaxation effect.
Mud treatment stimulates our immune system, which stress tends to weaken, making our organism more resistant to infections and their effects.

The preventive and therapeutic effects of this type of treatment, along with its invigorating and detoxicating effects and its role in improving our health in general, are confirmed by several scientific research studies carried out by the Pietro d’Abano Research Center: a cycle of mud treatments is effective to contrast joint problems and pains, motor difficulties, the aftereffects of fractures, sprains, dislocations, metabolic rheumatic diseases, respiratory and dermatological problems. The treatment is also an effective method of prevention and generally helps to achieve psychophysical wellbeing, thanks to its muscle relaxant action.

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